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Welcome to Prefix Gauge Systems

Welcome to Pre-Fix Gauge Systems, we specialise in the installation of brickwork restraints and support. The Pre-fix Gauge System is a highly precise construction tool that can be used for all block and brickwork and gives you quality on site control at a glance. Our system is accurate to 1mm over 3m. Our highly trained and skilled workforce tailor our services specifically to suit all of your needs. In 1994 Pre-Fix Gauge Systems was born, Tony Watkins, former bricklayer and now managing Director, created and Invented the one of a kind Pre-Fix Gauge system. Once your Pre-fix Gauge has been set out: studies have proven that the performance of bricklaying has increased by up to 30%. The unique Pre-Fix Gauge System is widely used and we are proud to say that it is being used by over forty major construction contractors.

Why Choose Pre-Fix Gauge Systems?

  • Precision Construction For All Buildings
  • We Install The Unique Pre-Fix Gauge System
  • Perfect For Site Engineers & Site Managers
  • Bespoke Windposts
  • We Tailor Our Service To You
  • Better Brickwork - Better Margins
  • Partnered With Ancon®
  • Brickwork Restraints

We are one big family here at Pre-Fix Gauge Systems as we are a family run business, producing a multi million pound turnover each year. In Herefordshire our five thousand square foot premises provides us with a superb base for a nationwide service. Our workforce is over thirty employees strong and with fleet of twelve vehicles, we can ensure that we are able to meet your requirements anyplace and anywhere. We provide a first class service across the country and are specialists in supplying, brickwork restraints and bespoke windposts.

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Our partnership with Ancon® Building Products ensures that we can supply the construction industry with highest integrity steel products. Founded in 1971 Ancon® have been supplying their customers with the best quality products available worldwide, from small-scale residential developments to large infrastructure projects. With offices across the world we a proud to be partnered with one of the best within the industry. If you would like to find out more about Ancon® then please click the following link to be directed to there website. Ancon® So whatever you require whether it be brickwork restraints or bespoke windposts, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.